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Registration and Account Upgrade for Artists and Musicians 


Uploading audio album


How to purchase a song or album?

To purchase a song or album, any user have to register. You can register anytime using the Register page. If you have items in your cart before you register, do not worry. After you completed the registration, the items will be automatically put back into your cart and you may proceed to the payment at ease.

Browse through our libraries and select any song or album that you like by clicking the button which allows you to add items to the Cart. You may purchase a single song or the whole album based on your preferences. When you finished adding all the items you want to purchase to your cart, click 'View Cart' button on the right sidebar which will take you to your cart page that have a list of the items you wish to purchase. You may remove any items from your cart by clicking the remove button corresponding to each items.

Next, click the 'Proceed to Payment' button, that will take you to our trusted payment gateway where you will be asked to provide your payment details. Once you finish the payment, you will be redirected back to mizostore and you may access the purchased items by cliking the 'Dashboard' on the right sidebar then 'Purchase' menu.


How to download purchased item?

Login to the Dashboard using your registered email id and password. From the 'Purchase' menu you will find a list of all the purchased items from your account. You may as well see the 'Payments' menu the contact the detail of the payment of each purchases.


How to upload an album?

First any registered user will have to upgrade their account to Merchants account. You may apply for upgrade by login to your dashboard and goto 'Upgrade' menu. Choose any plan that fits your business and provide any details that are required and submit your application. The administrator will then confirm your details and only after the confirmation, will you be granted a Merchants account.

A merchants user will have 'Album' menu after login to the dashboard which will allow you to upload your album.


What do I need to have to upload an album?

Mizostore accept only MP3 format with no less than 128Kbps. If your are not aware of this detail, we suggest you contact your production studio. 

Album art which is basically your album cover with a resolution of 500px width and 500px height.

You will need to provide other details such as genre, release date, price and categories at the time of submission.


When will my album be published? 

After you have submitted your album, we will verify the contents and quality of the material that you have uploaded. If they are approved, then only we will put it out in mizostore. this whole process can take upto 7 days.





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